We're excited for YOUr economic progress!

Like all of us here, YOU value economic empowerment being achieved for you, your family's legacy, and even your business.

Our Stop Shop caters towards bridging the racial wealth gap by providing education, resources, and opportunities that equips the Black community with economic empowerment development and progression. We teach how to implement the strategies to sustainably progress personally, in business, or life using our F.A.C.T.S model:

Financial services /education

Affordable products/opportunities

Consult services/personalized strategies

Teaching business development info & strategies

Staffing services

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If you want RESULTS, reading this page and choosing to learn from us is the easy part! IMPLEMENTING is where the hard work begins. You are headed into a mental fight with yourself for YOUR BEST LIFE!

Do you have a

strategy in place to

financial progress sustainably?

Our Stop Shop is here to empower you to do just that! Our mission is to continue to bridge the gap for the Black community by equipping everyone in our community that's ready with information, resources, and opportunities to effectively shift the narrative.


We know the journey needed to be taken for financial progression is different for everyone. We are focused on meeting YOU where you are and equipping you to build sustainably from there. We know that some strategies that we provide to the public can contribute to improving anyone's personal financial portfolio. But there are other factors that can help you specifically improve much further. This is why we also offer a complimentary initial 20-minute consult for most areas that we cover.


We are offering a chance of a lifetime to hit the ground running by learning and implementing with our FREE 11 Money Saving & Income Generating Hacks Masterclass!

These simple 11 TIPS will effectively help you to grow YOUR money TODAY and begin to establish a solid economic footing to increase your financial portfolio!

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We look forward to seeing YOU in the class on your way to making a new level of FINANCIAL PROGRESS!

​Our TEAM members are no strangers to hard work or struggles. Health, wealth & wisdom equally matter when you are economically empowered and even more so if you are empowering others. We live by an "each one, teach one" lifestyle practice.

We are dedicated to seeing the things we begin to the end. Beginning on the journey to economic empower is no easy feat. Choosing to overcome your fears, failures, struggles, insecurities or ignorance (lack of awareness) is only the first part of the hard battle.

There is so much more to the journey to economic empowerment than just having money.


Mental discipline


Constantly learning

Unconventional habits

Understanding health is a form of wealth

DOING THE WORK instead of looking for it

Seeing your money as the employee instead of yourself!


Do you need more detailed guidance?

Packed full of the information to empower everyone connected to you to progress.

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Join as a family, this is about generational economic empowerment!

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👉🏿Unlimited access to review the recording of the LIVE course for 7 days!

👉🏿Lifetime access to Thousands of dollars in resources available for digital download included in the reference links provided during course!

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The Get You Life course will increase your economic growth no matter what you do or where you are in life!

May 28, 2022
2:00pm Eastern Time

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At one point, every founding member of our team were in a similar predicament to you. We were doing what every personal point of reference implied was the only way to progress "pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and working even harder".

BUT when we began to learn different things, that shifted this belief system on its axis. We got our CDL license and learned the numerous opportunities that having the license availed access to without your criminal record, financial state, or family upbringing being a factor.

We added a real estate license to the equation and the number of ways real estate could be utilized both actively or passively for financial progress were so life altering.

Along the way we received a number of professional trainings in credit both personal and as it relates to business. This information completely changed the trajectory of our lives and drastically improved the timeline of progress made in our LIVES.

We saw it all in our journeys:

⚡️Several years of IDENTITY THEFT

⚡️BILLS/COLLECTIONS on credit reports for accounts opened by other people without our consent/awareness




We fixed it all and gained access to hundred of thousands of dollars in leverage and resources.

Funniest thing was getting approved for that first $1,800 credit card and having to lock a few of the team's cards away in a safe. That was the first ever approval on a credit card of that amount to spend however needed. By time the $10k-$20k+ approvals started happening the "broke mindset" was a distant memory. It was all about strategy implementing by then.

Learning how credit truly works made it crystal clear what leverage credit gives you without ever having to touch the money in your bank account.

After heavily investing and helping others through a number of methods and leveraging credit to build financial progress sustainably. We didn't stop there! We added a Life insurance license to our team. We wanted to help put an end to the crowdfunding for funeral arrangement culture in our community. We've lived it and KNOW that depending on the mercy of strangers just to bury your loved one is something nobody should have to endure in mourning. But in learning about life insurance more intricately, we also learned the plethora of ways life insurance could be used as a tool for wealth building while still alive both personally or professionally.

All of these sources of knowledge made us more determined to make our community aware of it!

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